Catering For All Your Needs

Offers multiful versions to choose from, with TIR lens for a focused beam, it’s perfect for search or patrol work even nite fishing; Ideal for walking dog, hiking or camping.

No More Clumsiness

Have you ever experienced the clumsiness of inspecting your vehicle while simultaneously holding a flashlight? All you need is a flashlight with a magnetic design. The V63 is equipped with a magnetic base that can be attached to ferrous surfaces, with an adjustable lighting angle, it frees up your hands for other matters.


RGB Filters

The V63 flashlight comes with a comprehensive set of standard RGB (Red, Green, Blue) filters. Filters can be installed in one second and can be useful in special situations, such as nighttime hunting, duty assignments, filming, etc., they are good helpers for completing tasks.

Charles BridgTec