Flashlight Showdown: V63 vs. C6 – Which One Wins?

Flashlight Showdown: V63 vs. C6 – Which One Wins?

Trying to pick out a flashlight but feeling kinda lost? Let's break down the differences between the urFlamp V63 and the C6 to help you make a solid choice.

First things first, let's talk about batteries.
The V63 gives you options with either a single 18350 Li-ion battery or an 18650 Li-ion battery. The cool thing? You can swap between them by unscrewing this hidden tube thingy, giving you flexibility for different situations. On the flip side, the C6 comes with a beefy 18650 / 3800mAh battery that's easy to charge using a Type-C cable. Plus, it doubles as a power bank for your phone – handy!

Now, onto the light stuff.
The V63-S focuses on a tight beam, perfect for stuff like searching or patrols, while the V63-F spreads the light wider, great for things like dog walks or camping. Meanwhile, the C6 gives you a versatile beam with its fancy Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, so you get both focused and wide light for whatever adventure you're on.

When it comes to ease of use, both flashlights are designed for convenience. The V63 has a magnetic base, so you can stick it to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting. The C6, though, has this Proximity Sensor thing, letting you control it with simple hand gestures. Super handy for when your hands are tied up.

In a nutshell, if you want a compact and versatile flashlight with battery options, go for the V63. But if you're after a powerful flashlight with cool features like gesture control and phone charging, then the C6 is the one for you. Either way, both flashlights are made to light up your adventures with ease and convenience!

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