urFlamp V63: Super Powerful EDC Flashlight in Pocket

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The V63 is a compact and practical flashlight. It is powered by a single 18350 Li-ion battery but can also be compatible with an 18650 Li-ion battery by unscrewing the hidden extension tube. It features a Type-C charging and offers both floodlight and spotlight versions.

Color: Black
Model: V63-F(Floodligt Version)
urFlamp_V63_EDC_Flashlight-18350_Li-ion_battery_218350 / 18650

Cells Adapt

urFlamp_V63_EDC_Flashlight-3800_Lumens_23800 Lumens

Brightness Output

urFlamp_V63_EDC_Flashlight-760_Hours_Runtime760 Hours


663 Meters

Beam Range


Innovative Retractable Design

Are you looking for a flashlight that caters different situations? V63 flashlight boasts an ingenious retractable design that adapts effortlessly to both 18350 and 18650 lithium batteries, such innovative design unleash V63 true potential with flexibility and capability.

urFlamp V63 Flashlight -Compact_Yet_Powerful_2

Compact Yet Powerful

Who says size matters? The length of the V63 is only half that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, yet it boasts a beam distance of up to 663 meters. Even with a 18650 lithium battery installed, the flashlight's body remains a mere 4.5 inches long. With its impressive 3800 lumens, the V63 is akin to having a mini-sun in the palm of your hand.

No More Clumsiness

Have you ever experienced the clumsiness of inspecting your vehicle while simultaneously holding a flashlight? All you need is a flashlight with a magnetic design. The V63 is equipped with a magnetic base that can be attached to ferrous surfaces, with an adjustable lighting angle, it frees up your hands for other matters.


Catering For All Your Needs

Offers spotlight version (V63-S) and floodlight version (V63-F) to choose from, the V63-S adopts 1 piece of LUMINUS SFT40 LED and PMMA TIR lens for a focused beam, it’s perfect for search or patrol work even nite fishing; while the V63-F utilizes 3 piece of OSRAM P9 LED, ideal for walking dog, hiking or camping.


RGB Filters

The V63 flashlight comes with a comprehensive set of standard RGB (Red, Green, Blue) filters. Filters can be installed in one second and can be useful in special situations, such as nighttime hunting, duty assignments, filming, etc., they are good helpers for completing tasks.

urFlamp - V63

Brightest Retractable Flashlight in Your Pocket

3800LM | 3.3in Palm Size | 663m Range | Compatible with 18350 & 18650 Batteries | Magnetic | 760H Runtime | RGB Filters | IP68