urFlamp C6: Sensory Right Angle Flashlight & Powerful Headlamp

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urFlamp C6 is an L-shaped flashlight with sensory functions. It uses Luminus SST40 lamp beads with a maximum brightness of 2,000 lumens. The power supply uses an 18650 battery and a Type-C waterproof charge/discharge design. The magnetic design on the tail can be used as a work light, and when paired with a headlight strip, it is a headlight with superior performance.

Style: Flashlight

Cells Adapt

urFlamp_V63_EDC_Flashlight-3800_Lumens_22000 Lumens

Brightness Output

urFlamp_V63_EDC_Flashlight-760_Hours_RuntimeTIR Lens


Sensory Operation

Major Feature

Elevate Your Experience In All Sense

Redefining Convenience

Experience ultimate control with the C6 Proximity Sensor! Effortlessly toggle the flashlight or adjust intensity with a simple wave. The sleek design, featuring a side-mounted button, magnetic back cover, and a two-way clip, frees up your hands for maximum productivity. Elevate your experience with seamless control and unmatched convenience, courtesy of our cutting-edge Proximity Sensor technology.

Switch at Your Will

Degree Flashlight & Headlamp

The C6 boasts a powerful output of up to 2000 lumens, offering unparalleled versatility. When worn on the headband, it transforms into a convenient and easy-to-use headlamp. Alternatively, hold it in your hand to experience the comfort of a handheld pocket right angle flashlight.

The Versatility of Floodlight and Spotlight

The Art of Illuminating

The C6 boasts a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens for 90%+ LED light efficiency, offering a versatile beam for focused or wide illumination. With an 18° central angle and 145° floodlight, it's ideal for activities like mountain climbing or night hiking. Wear it, hold it, hang it—C6 lights up your journey with optimal angles for any adventure.

Harnessing the Power of a 3800mAh Battery

Fast Charging with Ease

Right-angle lights that can be charged and discharged are not commonly found in the market, but the C6 breaks the mold. It comes equipped with a powerful 18650 / 3800mAh battery with a protective plate, and it's compatible with Type-C cables for charging and discharging, delivering a swift 2A current, enough to fully charge your phone in no time. With a full charge, it can provide up to an astounding 489 hours of illumination.

Defy All Challenges with IP68

Where Safety Meets Durability

The C6 flashlight, made from lightweight 6061 aerospace aluminum alloy, features a triple-hardened surface for durability. It effortlessly passes a 1.5m drop test and boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, with an internally sealed Type-C charging port for added convenience. Elevate your experience with this compact, corrosion-resistant flashlight that seamlessly blends strength and style.